It’s Not a Fad

Many see minimalism as a fad, but this is not the case! Minimalism is not about buying specific items that make one appear simple. It is not about dressing a certain way to fit the profile. Minimalism is a lifestyle that could easily be compared to things such as healthy eating or exercising. It is how one lives and not what one lives with.

The Everyday Minimalist (a minimalist blogger) received a letter containing the following comments: “Trendy nonsense. This is just an attempt to make money by selling a lifestyle…psychological ‘guilt-free’ living.” I agree that companies are going to far lengths to sell a product. For many, minimalism is turning into a business opportunity. For instance, Cliff Kuang discusses how Apple has convinced buyers to “follow the gospel of minimalism” by purchasing their products. Many bloggers are trying to sell their own tips on how to live a true minimalist lifestyle; their books are most frequently found on Amazon. One blogger has even created a page “How to Dress Like a Minimalist” insisting on “toning down” to neutral colors and further pushing brands such as Calvin Klein.

Charles Broadway explains, “true minimalists embraced the lifestyle before it was trendy and will continue with it when the good times roll again.” He also adds, “when you cut the crap out of your life, you are left with the quality. You are left with what matters.” In all of my research, no other quote has come close to how I feel about a minimal lifestyle. I am not jumping onto the bandwagon. Instead, I am learning how to live a life based on quality.


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