Don’t Be a Tease

What’s the best way to fight materialism? Find its source, and destroy it. “The source?” one may ask. Shopping.

Avoid the shops and mall altogether. Visiting stores makes it feel okay to buy! The Nest explains how visiting shops can trigger the want for more, even when window shopping is all one can afford: “Avoid triggers. Stay away from stores—except for when you actually need something […] Stop teasing yourself, and find a new hobby.”

It’s okay to splurge a little from time to time, but frequently visiting the mall and spending money can turn into a real problem! CNN further explains how people purchase things that they don’t need and fall into the trap of impulsive shopping.

Just a Little Less suggests considering the following tips before making a purchase no matter how “on sale” something may be.

  • Waiting a little longer.
  • Accepting yourself as being a worthy person with or without that new item.
  • Realising that you do not deserve the stresses and misery that shopping can bring: the debt, guilt and clutter.
  • Making a list of things you need rather than want.
  • Finding alternative ways of spending your time that nourish your health and relationships.
  • Being creative with your exisiting wardrobe – trying different combinations of garments.
  • Being more creative in your own kitchen rather than trying that new restaurant.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Tease

  1. Absolutely true! “Shopping” also occurs (for me anyway) when looking at magazines and catalogs. Also, don’t shop in grocery store when you are hungry! There are lots of hidden expenses there as well.

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