The Challenge

Sure, minimalism and simplifying may seem impossible. I assure you there is no right or wrong way to achieve your goal. There are many paths that lead to success, but there are a few fundamental rules to live by.

  • Stop comparing to others
  • Prioritize
  • Make a list, and stick to it
  • Remove clutter
  • Be grateful

By dismissing comparisons, you will no longer need to keep up with the Joneses, which is too much of a game anyways. Prioritizing allows you to see what is most important to you, and making the list allows you to constantly remember these priorities. The most important rule, however, is being grateful for what you do own. So what if you cannot afford all of the things you want. Neither can many of your friends.  Simplifying is the first step to cutting the cord to materialism.

By living by these basic rules, you can aim your lifestyle towards minimalism. There are many other methods as well. You must keep an open mind while following the guidelines and know the difference between needing and wanting an item. Personally, I am considering either the Bare Essential Method or 21 Day Process.


2 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. One way I learned to prioritize was through travel going on a short trip? Pack one small bag. You realize quickly what becomes essential. Often I wonder how quick or easy I could pack if I had to leave quickly for whatever reason, what would I take? What would I need? Is the stuff you wouldn’t take essential? Moving can also be a good opportunity to get rid of clutter too.

    • I agree completely. That’s similar to the Bare Essentials method I mentioned above. The only thing about taking trips is you take different things based on where you may be going and what kinds of activities you may participate in. There are a lot of considerations. It is a good reason to have items that serve more than one purpose. Thanks for the feedback!

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